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Menswear Designer Creates Pocket Square Collection to Raise Money for Africa
Menswear accessory brand, created a collection of 12 African flag themed pocket squares designed to raise 24,000 for
 23070024355_b6a1e7e562_zTo raise money for, menswear accessory brand created a collection of 12 African flag themed pocket squares. Starting today this collection will be available at for $10 per piece with 100% being donated to the cause.

“It was our goal to create a recognizable menswear accessory that not only looks good, but literally does good in the world”, says Hendrik Pohl, President/CEO of To raise both awareness and money for this cause, the designers took 12 different African flags as inspiration for this collection. The Tanzanian pocket square for instance features a bold all-over pattern of the flag’s vibrant colors in turquoise, green, yellow, and black, while the South African pocket square features a single large flag.

“Each piece is bright and vivid. It was our intention to create vibrant pieces that are representative of the African spirit”, says Cole Crossen, head designer of “I think we succeeded in creating attention-grabbing accessories that are not just recognizable, but truly fun to wear. Without doubt, these are statement pieces that will strike a conversation anywhere you go”, says Pohl.

Starting today, November 17th, these pocket squares will be available at for $10. “Purchasing just a single pocket square will help bring books to school children, combat HIV/AIDS, support small businesses for women, bring fresh drinking water to communities, protect wildlife, and more throughout the countries of Sub Saharan Africa”, says Barbara Rosen, executive director of non-profit Aid For Africa. “We are thrilled to be part of an effort that will help others learn about and support efforts to empower women, children and families in Africa,” she said. Bows-N-Ties and AIdForAfrica hope to raise $24,000 with this collection by the Holidays. Creates Collection To Aid Africa

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