TV technology has come a long way to reach where it is today. It all began with the invention of analog TVs. These were later succeeded by the better high definition and digital TV sets.
Latest TVs feature the most superior technology of them all, which is 3D imaging.
3D sets are without question all the rage in the TV world these days. So, what makes them so special from ordinary sets?
Well, here are top 5 special aspects about 3D enabled TVs that make them stand out from the rest.

Superior Picture Quality
Your TV viewing experience will never be the same after seeing it in 3D. With an ordinary standard or even high definition television set, you only get to see the height and width when looking at images displayed on the screen. A 3D TV adds depth precision to pictures. The three dimensional realism that it brings to images is the novel experience that will change your viewing experience. Since 3D images have more texture and depth, they completely immerse the viewer and make your programs and movies come to life.

High End Smart TV Features
3D imaging is considered to be one of the biggest advancements in TV technology. As such, TV sets that come with this feature often have high end capabilities. The smart range sets offer users the ability to even use apps, browse the internet and stream online content from the TV. Even without being used in 3D, most of these sets produce remarkable picture quality. The best TV sets with 3D mode allow users to switch to 2D as well. This can come quite in handy when tired of wearing the glasses that usually process the 3D images. It is important however to keep in mind that the picture is most impressive when using a high definition set capable of displaying up to 1080 pixels.

3D Gaming
If you thought that 3D only supports TV content, you were wrong. You can also play video games in 3D. Playing your favorite video games will feel like you are right there in the heart of everything, while objects appear to literally fly out of the screen. Fortunately, leading gaming consoles actually support 3D gaming.

Compatibility with Blu-ray 3D Appliances
With a Blu-ray 3D player, you will be able to watch your favorite movies in a completely new way. These video players are must have accessories if you intend to enjoy unlimited 3D viewing. They help to bridge the gap between the scant 3D programming that is currently dominated by standard 2D content.

Glass Free Viewing
Special viewing glasses are synonymous with 3D HD TV sets. However, you do not have to endure long hours of eyewear with 3D enabled TVs that use stereoscopic technology. TVs with this technology use ventricular sheets to create a 3D image, thus eliminating the need for 3D glasses.

3D enabled TVs have a lot to offer and it is quite clear that they are here to stay. In case you choose to hop on to the 3D bandwagon, choose a reputable brand. Panasonic offers a wide range of 3D televisions and appliances that will completely change your TV viewing experience.