By Alexandra Lekas

For many years, fashion always had a particular face and body to it. Despite being a form of
self-expression, many people felt they were not being seen in campaigns, on runways, or even
in stores. Luckily, representation in the fashion industry has gradually improved due to the
power of social media and the growing voices of consumers. It is not anywhere near where it
needs to be, but we continue to see improvement as time goes on. That’s why it’s important to
put your money behind your words and support underrepresented women and men at their
helm. These Black-owned fashion brands deserve your attention all year round, but turn to them
for your spring shopping this year.


This award-winning African fashion brand has plenty of jaw-dropping vibrant pieces that will get
you through the spring and summer seasons.

2. Nubian Skin

Gorgeous neutrals are in every season, and Nubian Skin is ensuring everyone will find their
perfect shade of nude.

3. Buzzoms

Feel like ditching your bra this year? That’s what Buzzoms is for. They call themselves the “start
of a braless revolution for full-chested women of all sizes.”

4. Rebdolls

Not only does Rebdolls sell eye-catching GNO dresses, but they also carry sizes S to 5X. Their
mantra: Fit Focused; Trend Obsessed!

5. TOVE Studio

Last on the list but certainly not last in our hearts. This contemporary womenswear brand finds
the perfect balance between modernity and femininity that we all want this spring.