Alexander McQueen revealed menswear Fall 2015 was really on point. The collection made reference to the resurgence of World War I inspirations in UK culture over the past year. Sarah Burton the creative director was able to successfully translate this energy into the line. The collection was a bit androgynous in a way. A cool downtown NYC artsy girl could wear these clothes. The models used in the show were post apocalyptic, Goth, Morrissey types. They were so homely that you kind of had to look past them to take in the clothes, maybe that was the point.

The collection featured many of the obvious military associations including army greens and the blue of the air force. Diamante medals put the final touches. The jackets and coats of the collection featured large printed words, such as “truth” and “valour”. While referencing the past we felt it also summarized the current fight for intellectual and spiritual freedom among millennials. Brilliant.

To break away from the military styles that were the major theme, there were items featuring pinstripes and houndstooth; preppy touches. Poppies were also a major feature of suits and coats in the collection, as these are commonly worn in honor for Remembrance Day in the UK.

All-in-all the Fall 2015 Alexander McQueen men’s collection was able to bring together a bit of history with the abstract. Cheers!

Alexander McQueen Menswear