By Ashanty Rivera

If you’re new here, you might already know that I have an unhealthy obsession with finding
designer dupes for the items I simply cannot afford, but still want to have in my collection.
Amazon is probably the best and most inexpensive place to shop for dupes. If you are familiar
with both Vogue and Bella Hadid, you might have seen the shoot she did with model Adut Akech
Bior. For the shoot, Bella Hadid sported a technicolor, tank gown from Y/Project’s latest Fall
2022 collection. According to Bustle, “The collection as a whole largely represented this trippy
style, with designs bearing the thermal imprint of the wearer’s naked frame”. When I saw this
dress I was instantly hooked and tried looking for a similar one, but I had no luck.

Recently I have been on the hunt for the perfect 20th birthday dress that is equally as bold, as it
is cheap. I usually scroll through Amazon for homeware, accessories, and basics like sports bras,
etc. However, I started following a girl on TikTok that showed off her Amazon graphic/ screen
printed clothes collection, and this amazing dress was in that haul. I went right to my Amazon
and found it for $39.90. The item is listed as the “CAPE CLIQUE Mesh Body Print Thermal
Sexy Spaghetti Strap Split Hem Scoop Neck Midi Dress”. It comes in three different colors
including black, yellow, and red. If this dress caught your eye just as much as it caught mine, get
you’re hands on it now while you still can!