Photographer - Holly Erskine

Photographer – Holly Erskine

Metronomy’s newest video directed by Michel Gondry (said to be one of the best Music Video Directors) has been a total hit. With about 460k views in the past week and counting, this video totally takes us back to the Beatles days.
The Love Letters single has taken band members Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior, & Gbenga Adelekan to the next level in their career, giving them a greater buzz here in the US!

They will be touring the States May – June 2014
If you’re not a fan of them yet, you should start by doing your research on this Rising British Band!

Pre-Order your copy of Love Letters on iTunes today! The complete Album is set to be released March 10th, 2014.
For exact tour dates & Cities, Music, Appearances, etc. check out their website and Social pages!


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