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Grotto Mojo: 9 Design-Worthy Cave Hotels Around the World

If you’ve ever had the urge to edge back to a primordial state (albeit with modern luxuries), you should consider booking a cave hotel on your next trip. Or perhaps you’re aching for some much-needed seclusion—the chance to isolate yourself, with family or a loved one, from the maddening world outside. Travel should be about new experiences anyway, and we’re quite certain that this selection of cave hotels, from Arkansas to Sweden, will provide some unusually offbeat accommodations.

Cappadocia Cave Suites, Turkey

What’s cool: “Fairy Chimney” suites and no two rooms are alike, all made from hand-carves stone; stunning views; hot-air balloons.

Les Hautes Roches, France

What’s cool: Set on a cliff overlooking the Loire river; created within a former monastery; stylish rooms offer a fancier atmosphere for luxe-driven troglodytes; bar located within a cave too.

Sextansio, Italy

What’s cool: Surrounded by the ancient cave dwellings of the Sassi di Matera, which will transport you back in time; access to a fruit and flower garden with views of the Murgia Park river valley; candle-lit rooms with handmade linens and antique wood furniture.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas

What’s cool: Originally a bomb shelter for rich businessmen; honeymoon suite for those seeking romance; Jacuzzi tubs, game room, and a high-end kitchen to satisfy gastronomes.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

What’s cool: Built 500 feet below ground and exclusively accessed by a mine-shaft elevator; total privacy since there’s only one suite; intercom radio to communicate with the staff above ground who will serve breakfast every morning; sexy silver furnishings.

Kokopelli’s Cave, New Mexico

What’s cool: Designed as a Flintstones-like bed-and-breakfast on a cliff; interior centered around a sandstone pillar; master bedroom, living area, replica Native American kiva, dining area, full kitchen and bathroom with rock walls including a waterfall shower and Jacuzzi; awe-inspiring sunset views.

Cuevas Puedro Antonio de Alarcon, Spain

What’s cool: Located in Guadix, a city in Granada founded by Julius Caesar (which has the largest concentration of lived-in cave houses in all of Europe); converted from a prehistoric habitat into a community of comfy, multiple-bedroom caves; pool and restaurant on-site.

Perivolas, Greece

What’s cool: Minimalist, whitewashed design with vaulted rooms and priceless views of the Santorini caldera; the complex is built from 300-year-old caves that were at one time the homes and wineries of Aegean Sea fishermen and farmers; set among vineyards and lush vegetation; spa, hammam, infinity pool.

La Claustra, Switzerland

What’s cool: Situated almost 7,000 feet above sea level and carved deep into the rock beneath the Gotthard Pass (once impenetrable Swiss army bunkers); water flows in from underground; no outside views, but you’ll lose track of time inside the cavern-like atmosphere, with modern décor, a gourmet restaurant, and chic, air-conditioned rooms.