Athleisure wear is the hot new trend in the athletic apparel market. It’s adding style and the ability to take clothes from the gym to the streets, and taking that concept to another level.

Celebrities who are perhaps the best style monitor have jumped in on it. Beyonce recently launched her Ivy Park collection of Athleisure wear. New Balance is working with Heidi Klum on an athleisure wear concept and Adidas is working with Pharrell to develop a line. Kate Hudson, Brook Burke and Carrie Underwood have all launched lines as well.

The reason is simple. In this fitness and style crazed society people want to look great while working out and continue to look great after leaving the gym.

We’ve found an interesting athleisure wear line that is one of our top picks for summer 2016. A new brand called Centre Court Athletic Wear is setting itself apart from the rest.  Despite the fact that the athleisure wear concept is based around the notion of increased style most of the lines that are out have a downtown sensibility. Centre Court Athletic Wear firmly positions itself for the uptown girl. It’s classy silhouettes were inspired by the county club and tennis lifestyle and it shows. It’s a gorgeous way to look while working out and easily transitions to a luncheon or daily activities after working out.


The line was designed and manufactures in Miami by the founder of the Apparel Design House, Jessica Anderson.


She’s says outside of the brands unique aesthetic there are 5 ways that the line is different from others on the market.


  • The fabric hides sweat preventing sweat marks after working out
  • The skirts and shorts do not ride up the leg due to a unique cuff design
  • Hidden ball pockets on the skirts for tennis players
  • Classy hardware such as gold buttons and zipper pulls
  • Flattering cuts that make a woman comfortable and confident

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