By Alexandra Lekas

PacSun and Emma Chamberlain have teamed up once again for a spring 2022 campaign. This marks a second time for the famous youtuber and beloved American retailer, following just a year after their previous tie-dye-filled limited collection.  

The campaign, which debuted Tuesday, is inspired by optimism and the dream of escapism. It features Emma photographed in vibrant hues on the beach with the backdrop of the blue sky, as well as pastel and earthy tones within her outfits. 

The campaign will feature digital efforts such as augmented reality and virtual experiences that will be streamed across all social channels, store windows, and the retailer’s website. It will also mark the debut of Pacsun’s first ever video game, called “PacSun the Game,” which is available now on the PacSun app and in the App Store. 

“We are delighted to partner with Emma Chamberlain for the second time,” said Brie Olson, President at Pacsun. “She is such an authentic voice and style icon for our youth community, and we are thrilled to continue our journey together as Pacsun steps further into the Metaverse.”

“I can see anyone wearing this PacSun collection, there is such a variety of aesthetics, and while it’s still cohesive, there are so many different vibes going on I feel like everybody can find something,” Chamberlain added about the campaign. “I’m really going to lean into a lot of knits, I really just love knits, things that are stretchy, a lot of stretchy fun patterns, things like that. I just want to be comfortable this summer…not feel restricted, just free and free-spirited.”

You can shop the collection here: