“Giorgio Armani Celebrates 40 Years in Fashion” by Jennifer Niejadlik

Iconic Italian designer Giorgio Armani celebrated forty years in fashion April 30th, 2015. His party was a star-studded gala and opening of a museum dedicated to his designer business. The 80-year old designer was joined by celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, Cate Blanchett, Janet Jackson, Hilary Swank and Tina Turner for the bash in Milan, Italy at the headquarters of his fashion empire.  Armani’s is known for his clean-cut and elegant style. His gowns have graced a number of Red Carpet events around the world.

Giorgio Armani and Hilary Swank

Nicknamed King Giorgio, the designer, who once worked as a window dresser, is known for being hands-on in creating one of the most recognized fashion brands in the world. “There have been many moments, from the beginning until today,” Armani told reporters upon arrival at the gala on Thursday evening. “Maybe, my most emotional moment was when I saw my cover on   Time ,” he added, referring to the magazine.  Armani, who designs both couture and ready-to-wear, has dressed celebrities, royals as well as sportsmen. Stars, such as Beyonce, David Beckham and Megan Fox have modeled his perfumes and underwear. “Madison Avenue in 1985, I think it was, so not very long after he came to our country and I have a closetful still of those beautiful suits, those classic suits, and I still wear them,” actor Glenn Close reminisced about when she bought her first Armani piece. James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan paid a tribute to the stylist, calling him ‘a mighty man’, while Italian star Sophia Loren simply said the designer “is her friend”.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Giorgio Armani

For the anniversary, Armani converted a 1950’s building that once stored cereals for a new exhibition dedicated of his designs. The event took place ahead of the Friday May 1st, 2015 opening of Milan Expo, of which Armani is special ambassado r for fashion. Officials expect nearly 20 million people to visit over the next six-months the exhibition of worldwide products and technologies. During the celebrations Armani also opened up about his latest project, an autobiography, which is set to be published by Rizzoli during Milan Fashion Week in September 2015. He said: ”I wanted to share personal thoughts and moments, the ones that I choose to share – there are others nobody will ever pull out of me.”