Macau Is The Ultimate Gambling Destination In The World!

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Anyone who knows anything about gambling knows that Macau has become the Ultimate gambling destination in the world. Our team from Planet Fashion went there for a hotel groundbreaking for the extreme luxury boutique hotel Louis XIII. It was hosted by the owners, a socialite [...]

Finally Getting The Plastic Pollution Out Of The Ocean!

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There is a huge gross collection of trash floating in the pacific ocean. Its made of plastic, chemical sludge and other debris. It is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A lot of the plastic is microscopic, which gets eaten by fish and then later eaten [...]

Bentley’s New SUV

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Bentley's New SUV The Bentley Benteyga is intended to set new benchmarks for performance and luxury. Bentley says in a release that it is reaffirming its commitment to the ultra-luxury SUV which is says will be both the fastest and the most luxurious in the world. [...]

Organic One Stop Shopping Experience

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Organic One Stop Shopping Experience We stumbled across a new place to get goodies and its providing a great alternative to Whole Foods. Abe’s Market, is becoming the leading natural and organic e-commerce marketplace with thousands of products, within the food, personal care, health, baby, [...]

Giorgio Armani Celebrates 40 Years in Fashion

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"Giorgio Armani Celebrates 40 Years in Fashion" by Jennifer Niejadlik Iconic Italian designer Giorgio Armani celebrated forty years in fashion April 30th, 2015. His party was a star-studded gala and opening of a museum dedicated to his designer business. The 80-year old designer was joined [...]

Il Saviatino: A Luxury Romantic Getaway

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  Everyone knows that Florence is amazing and Tuscany is a dream but navigating your way around all the different choices for accommodations can be tricky. If you're looking for an exclusive luxury romantic vacation, we have the place for you. Il Saviatino, which actually won the [...]

Lorde: The Most Powerful Music Star Under 21

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  The 17-year-old songstress had been named Billboard's hottest star under 21, topping the magazine's annual ranking of Music's Most Powerful Teens. It's been a stellar couple of years for Lorde who has also two Grammy awards and slew of other accolades that she won for [...]