Granny 5

Ok so Buzzfeed says the hottest trend on Instgram is Granny Hair. Hottest trend? I think that’s a stretch, but there is no doubt that the new style of silver gray locks is making its way all over the place. Maybe it started with Game Of Thrones? The thought is absolutely chilling to me personally. I watched my mom gray early and she has been dying her hair chestnut color to banish the gray since I was young. I do think its really bold and gutsy and even really pretty in a bizarre kind of way. To do it you have to go to a salon. They literally bleach your hair completely white and then add silver tones; can’t be healthy for your locks but anyway here are our favorite Granny Hair examples.

Granny Hair: Love Or Hate It?

anny7 Granny1 Granny3 Granny6 Granny7 Granny2