emma stone

Actress Emma Stone, who is a huge fan of Spice Girls, was moved to tears during a radio chat with the former band’s singer Mel B.

The 25-year-old, who is promoting `The Amazing Spider-Man 2` in Australia, appeared in a radio show yesterday, reportedly.
When she was told that Mel B, 38, who often co-hosted the programme, was unable to attend the sit-down, Stone became emotional.

“Wait, Mel B, could have been here? I`m gonna cry,” Stone said.
Mel B, who was also known as “Scary Spice”, surprised Emma by talking to her Live on the show.
“Oh my god, is Mel B talking to me? Oh my god, I`m so excited. I`m legitimately crying. I`m the biggest Spice Girls fan ever,” Stone said.

Stone also sung the band`s song `Wannabe` during the chat.

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