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Hedda Gabler The Movie: By Celia Evans


The 2015 Cannes Film Festival runs from May 13th to the 24th and will honor screen legend Ingrid. Ingrid Bergman is best known for her role in “Casablanca” opposite Humphrey Bogart. But this beauty also played Hedda Gabler in the 1963 TV movie by the same name.

Director Matthew John has taken this classic story by Henrik Ibsen and retold it in his version of “Hedda Gabler”.  The role of Hedda is widely considered one of the great dramatic roles in theater, played recently by both Rosamund Pike and Cate Blanchette on stage. The film was released in 2015, with newcomer Rita Ramnani cast as Hedda . “For me, Hedda Gabler is very much the tortured soul suffocating in a world that she doesn’t belong to, where men very much have all the power and control and if you were not married into wealth, life would be very difficult, especially for a woman. It was so important to convey this part of the story. Hedda chose a life of comfort however it came at a big a price whereby she had no voice to express her unhappiness nor was she able to escape from the manipulative hands of Judge Brack. Ibsen has written her descent into depression and ultimately her demise in such a way that you can see it building up inside of her to the point where she feels she has no choice and no other means of escape. Myself and the director really wanted to handle this delicately and I can only hope that we have done the story justice as we proposed to from the start.” Says the film’s lead actress Ramnani. The films director Matthew John plans to screen it at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

The story of Hedda Gabler, is of a beautiful aristocrat who returns home from her honeymoon to confront the boredom and banality of married life. When the reappearance of an old flame threatens her new husband’s career prospects and her own amour-propre, Hedda conspires against her former love and brings destruction upon herself in the end.

The new Hedda Gabler movie is projected to be the most lavish version ever filmed for big or small screen to date. Hedda was shot at a lavish, historic location in Somerset, UK. Maunsel House; owned by Sir Benjamin Slade. Taking full advantage of the opportunities film adaptation presents, this production will is more daring and explicit than any other versions. The movie may be a controversial one with Ibsen fans. Characters referred to, which never appear in the stage play, will be created for the first time and make their dramatic debut.

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