Karma of Charme is the new Italian top brand for comfy moccasin style boots. Karma of Charme is made in Le Marche, Italy which is the center of the hand crafted and high quality Italian shoe industry. 
The brand has a charming story and history. It started as a small family company and is now growing rapidly and becoming a world famous brand. 
Every boot is still handmade and checked by La Mama. 
Trendy  consumers who are dedicated to Karma of Charme are less interested in mass production and consumption and prefer the Italian craftsmanship and subtle leathers the brand uses. Craftsmanship and authenticity are two main trends in the fashion industry at the moment.
Every Karma of Charme boot is made with care and dedication, and it shows in their hippie chic luxury style. Civitanova is a small coastal town in the Italian region Le Marche. Many big shoe brands call this their hometown. 
But over the past decades these brands transferred their production to China or other Asian countries. This outsource had a drastic effect on the local economy. 
It is the reason why many Italian craftsmen lost their job. Karma of Charme seized this chance of working with the best craftsmen and provided them with new jobs. 
The company boasts themselves with helping the community. Karma of Charme got their unique Bohemian look by firstly by inspiration from Native Americans. 
The Karma boot is based on the ancient traditional moccasin boots worn by Native Americans. During the sixties the moccasin boot was first seen on  the hippie island Ibiza. This is where the Bohemian style was born. Young, free spirits from across the world came to the island to spend their holidays and live the free life. This is the reason why the Bohemian style spread rapidly grew through the rest of Europe. 
Today this style is still loved by many people across the whole world. Karma of Charme is Bohemian, stylish, sophisticated and most of all authentic. The variety of styles available are short or tall, different colored leathers, some with fur or feather accents as well as metal studs, fringe, ankle belt buckles and beads. This chic style can be worn with jeans, shots or even dresses. Karma of Charme is a brand, that has top quality, craftsmanship and individual style they any fashionista can call their own. 
Prices range from 150 euros to 250 euros. 
Hippie Boots “Karma of Charme”