Copenhagen Fashion Week has shifted to a digital-only format for the first time.

This might mean a little less buzz and no more viral street style, but many of the region’s favorite designers are still showing collections.

“Even though we’re experiencing this fashion week through a flat computer screen, every design you’ll see has a human touch. Remember that this was created by people for people,” said Cecilie Thorsmark, chief executive officer at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

H&M Studio I have to say I was shocked when I saw the designs from H&M studio. It was an extremely cool presentation. 

H&M has stores and offices throughout 74 markets worldwide, across major capital cities and regions around the world. Obviously they are known for somewhat copying runway trends and delivering them at a low price and with that they gained a terrible reputation for being fast fashion. 

Recently they decided to make a concerted effort to lean towards sustainability. They maintain that it is the most important part of their corporate agenda. Hopefully it’s true. We are all for saving money on apparel but sustainability is about having quality clothes with natural or recycled fabrics that can last and not just be thrown away. It also needs to be ethically made by people receiving a fair wage. With that said, they came out with a super chic looking collection. They also produced a video of the design production team that is pretty engaging. Check it out here: