perfect 365

Perfect365 is a cool new and free makeover app. Their goal is to help fashionistas make selfless that are picture-perfect. Hey, who wouldn’t want that?

Tips for taking flawless selfies and using Perfect365 to create your best summer looks are below.

Ways to use Perfect365 to instantly touch up your gorgeous summer selfies:

  • You can use one of the more than 30 Hotstyles created by their in-house beauty team to refresh your makeup digitally. Or try some of the hottest makeup looks for summer with just one tap!
  • Achieve that flawless bare-faced, sun-kissed look with their new Naked looks package. These three specially-designed looks smooth out your complexion and highlight features with a summer glow, while still letting your natural beauty shine through.
  • Instantly share your edited photos with friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Tips for taking the best summer selfies from Caroline Tien-Spalding, Perfect365’s in-house professional photographer:

  1. Pay attention to the lighting: Harsh lighting can give your skin a strange hue or cast shadows that change the shape of your face, so pay attention. When you’re indoors, turn off your camera’s flash to avoid looking washed out. When you’re outdoors, look for a spot with natural lighting.
  2. The sunset is your best friend: The hour or two before sunset is the best time to take outdoor photos because it provides the softest outdoor lighting.
  3. Duck for cover: If you’re taking a photo mid-day, you’ll want to find a shaded spot. That’s when UVs are the strongest, which often causes washed out photos and harsh unflattering shadows also known as “raccoon eyes”.
  4. Work your angles baby: The most flattering look for most people is a slight turned head, where only one ear is visible from the frame. This will naturally slim your face and make your cheekbones pop.
  5. Watch how low you hold the camera: If you’re not careful holding the camera too low, you’ll discover a double chin you never had. For most, camera at forehead level yields the best results.
  6. Show off your location: Stand in front of a landmark – the ocean, a tropical setting, even the front of your hotel – and add a little interest into the photo. That being said, watch out for protruding building/tree parts, you don’t want to look like you’re growing a branch out of your head!