kelis-acapellaYou might remember singer/songwriter Kelis from her smash hit “Milkshake” from the 2003 album “Tasty”. Well I was informed today she was actually still recording music and will be releasing a new album around summertime.

Naturally I assumed she will be bringing the boys back into yard with another track about being “bossy” or a new theme about her now proverbial milkshake.

But she has already dropped two, new singles (“Jerk Ribs” and “Rumble”) from the upcoming album. I have no problem in stating that I am actually surprised by the quality of these songs. It could be her new producer and multi-talented instrumentalist, David Sitek, from the Alternative Rock band “TV on the Radio”.

From the two singles I heard, it definitely reeks of something that funny little band would conjure up. The first single “Jerk Ribs” is a song still embedded in the “pop” realm but it gets occasional sugar coating with a kick from the horns sections and some George Benson-esqe guitar riffs in between, the song becomes quite listenable. “Rumble” is the latest song leaked out and so far the breakout track in my eyes. It’s a wonderful track, full of funk joy. It’s always a pleasure to hear anyone call back to such golden genre. With a more modernized drum beat along-side the pumping jazzy piano and soulful vocals on Kelis part.

The singles are certainly worth a listen, so if you’re interested in the development of an artist expanding her sound to something more than your typical pop dribble, then definitely check them out.

On that note, keep your ears open for the album coming out in April.