I recently received a DM on instagram from a friend challenging me to post a Black and White photo of myself.

The note said:
“There is a woman empowerment challenge going around on Instagram.  I think you are so bad ass  and amazing and I was careful to choose who I think will meet the challenge…. but above all I chose women I know who share my values and views of the world.  You are one of those women. Post a photo in black and white alone, written “challenge accepted” and mention my name. Identify 50 women to do the same, in private.  I chose you because you are beautiful, strong and incredible.  Let’s ❤️ each other!”
I thought this was amazing. It’s a super fun concept. I’m actually looking for the perfect black and white photo of myself now.
Initially I thought my friend made up this challenge but apparently it’s sweeping Instagram.

Women across Instagram have been nominating their friends to show off their beauty in stylish black and white photos.

Kendall Jenner joined the crowd on Monday and instantly turned up the heat with a sultry topless photo.

‘challenge accepted!’ she captioned the photo, as most participants in the challenge have done.

‘thanks for nominating me @nataliabryant,’ she wrote.  Natalia is the daughter of Vanessa Bryant and the late Kobe Bryant. Natalia shared her own black and white snap on Sunday, and her mother Vanessa nominated Kim Kardashian to take part as well.

Although its origins are hazy, the current Instagram challenge seems to be about supporting and empowering other women while allowing them to show off their beauty.

Jennifer Garner, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Love Hewitt have also joined in on the challenge on Instagram.