Can wearing a watch decrease stress. There is a new development in watch technology that suggests it might be possible. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults, or 18.1% of the population. Stress from work, growing to-do lists, and more, make stress and anxiety even more prevalent in our modern lives. A new way for people to deal with stress and anxiety, without harmful prescription medications, is the Natural Frequency Technology found in Philip Stein’s Wellness Watches.
A team of scientists at Jacksonville University recently put Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology to the test, and found that Philip Stein’s Wellness Watches significantly decrease stress and anxiety in users. The Peer reviewed study published in scientific journal, Brain and Behavior, proves the effectiveness of Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology in their watches..
Throughout the day our body’s electromagnetic field interacts with other magnetic fields, some naturally occurring and others that are man-made, including electronic devices. Philip Stein’s Wellness Watches are embedded with Natural Frequency Technology that resonates with our body, harmonizing and strengthening our bio-magnetic field. The brand’s proprietary formula of frequencies creates the desired effect in the body, whether it be calming, focusing, or getting a good night’s rest.
To evaluate Natural Frequency Technology’s direct impact on users, a team of scientists at Jacksonville University’s Brooks Rehabilitation College of Health care Studies initiated a clinical study on healthy adults who experience stress to examine the efficacy of Natural Frequency Technology embedded in Philip Stein Wellness Watches. The study encompassed measuring participants’ levels of stress, wellness, and cognition while wearing the brand’s Natural Frequency Technology watches. The results of the study conclusively showed that the Natural Frequency Technology found in Philip Stein Wellness Watches has a direct, tangible impact on reducing the physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety – a sentiment that has already been shared by Philip Stein’s loyal customers around the world.
An often ambiguous and unpredictable entity, stress manifests itself differently in each of us, making its presence and severity felt in a variety of ways. Research has proven that stress can shave a direct impact on our physical health, elevating our heart rate, increasing fatigue, and impacting quality of sleep. Other consequences are less obvious, including the presence of high levels of cortisol inflicted by stress, wearing down the brain’s ability to function properly and resulting in a shrinking effect on the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.
“At Philip Stein, our passion is finding ways to enhance the overall wellness of our users using natural solutions,” says Will Stein, Philip Stein CEO. “We’ve long believed that Natural Frequency Technology is an optimal solution to help anxiety sufferers, new parents, and individuals who suffer from chronic stress alleviate their symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life. We feel tremendous pride and validation that the scientists at Jacksonville University saw the concrete effectiveness that our products can have on helping people, and we can’t wait to see how their findings impact the future of our industry.”
Some stress can be beneficial to our health and overall wellness – a challenge to keep us alert and motivated. Keeping this in mind, Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology serves as a supplemental solution for stress relief, rather than wiping it out entirely, by helping to trigger feelings of calmness and serenity throughout the body to battle the negative impacts of chronic stress. While wearing any of Philip Stein’s wellness pieces, wearers can achieve the ultimate goal of safely managing their stress by harnessing the energy already prevalent inside the human body.
Philip Stein’s Wellness Watches are available for purchase at, starting at $250.00. With a variety of sophisticated colors and a range of sizes for any wrist, Philip Stein’s Wellness Watches are specially crafted to match any aesthetic from a classic outfit to a sporty, on-the-go look. For more information on Philip Stein, visit To view the full study, visit open access peer-reviewed scientific journal, Brain and Behavior.