Photo Credit: Woodkid -lyricscog Yoann Lemoine

Jettison any precepts of France as a land of accordions and Edith Piaf-like progenies and consider these contemporary musicians a quick slice of the variety of music emanating from the current French creative landscape:

Woodkid: Well-known as a music video director (most notably for his work on Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”), Woodkid, aka Yoann Lemoine (who’s from Lyon), is a talented musician in his own right, concocting sprawling baroque-pop compositions that fill your mind with boundless imagery. Unsurprisingly, given his background, his music is particularly atmospheric, even cinematic. Check out his debut album, The Golden Age, released last year.


La Femme: Originally formed in Biarritz by keyboard player Sacha Got and guitarist Marlon Magnée, La Femme have since added on multiple new members, creating a distinct psyche-punk sound that’ll suck you in like a mesmeric vortex. Think Lou Reed meets yé-yé, no wave, and surf rock (with a dash of Gainsbourg nonchalance). But descriptions here falter. You can listen to their whole debut album, Psycho Tropical Berlin, on YouTube, or catch them live during their upcoming, two-month U.S. tour, starting in March.


Brodinski: Born Louis Rogé, Brodinski is a DJ and producer who gained much momentum in Paris with his Bromance label residency at Social Club. Forging his own direction (whilst keeping an affinity for the Berlin underground), he’s made his mark with his own productions, as well as collaborations with fellow Frenchies Noob, Yuksek, and Gesaffelstein (with whom he co-produced the track “Send It Up” on Kanye West’s Yeezus album). Chances are you’ve heard his music while out partaking in nocturnal revelries. If not, play “Gimme Back the Night,” featuring lyrics by Theophilus London, which’ll have you itching for another after-dark dance spree.


BB Brunes: Phoenix may have grabbed the limelight when it comes to French alternative rock, but the lesser-known BB Brunes, hailing from Paris, deserve some attention for their melodious and danceable tunes. Since many of their lyrics are in French, they haven’t crossed-over so well States-side yet, but they do have songs in English (such as on a 2010 EP). Regardless, since the release of 2007’s Blonde Comme Moi, the group has been steadily releasing catchy rock hits, establishing themselves as France’s equivalent of The Strokes.