NATPE 2015 the most important conference for TV program licensing held in America is coming to Miami this month and there is already a trend towards renewal. Buyers are leaning towards sticking with what they know. While that’s always been the case, this year seems especially tight with offerings for slots for first run content.

Some Things To Look Out For
A&E has a new scripted drama called the “Sons OF Liberty” they are also bringing out “Bible Secrets Revealed”. It’s a doc that takes an interesting twist on the bible. These types of bible mystery themed shows have performed well in the past.

More Panel shows are being created. Not another daytime panel show, you scream! Unfortunately yes. This time it’s a court panel show called “Hot Bench” that will replace The Queen Latifah show produced by none other than Judge Judy herself.

Sure to be discussed around the conference is the recently released study about Millennial content viewing, which in short is digital baby. A joint study from CEA and Napte that defined Millennials as people aged 13 to 34 found that only 42% thought broadcast TV was very important and only 36% considered cable subscriptions valuable to entertainment viewing. Ouch!

NAPTE 2015 will be held at the Fontainebleau Miami Jan 20th – 22nd .