Photo Credit: Olivier Zahm

The Purple Diary by Olivier Zahm, talks about the secrets of photographing women. What makes it a little surprise is the word secret, but the truth is there is really no secret about it. According to Oliver Zahm in his new show The Secrets of Photographing Women, “I guess the interesting thing is the book is all about the secret, but there really is no secret,” Zahm said at the opening at Los Angeles’ Lead Apron Gallery last night.” It’s that all women are a secret that we try to understand.” The photo collection of Olivier Zahm is taken everywhere from his work, from hotel, parties and on the streets. “Something is happening between the photographer and the model,” he explained of the personal images, a grouping of friends, lovers, and women who have move towards and disappeared from his life. “You can call it an emotion or an interaction, and it doesn’t have to be sexual. But I create an emotional contact with the women I photograph so she can express something very deep about herself.”

Since he is continuously showcasing his photography on Purple Diary, the small-scale display—and the Los Angeles locale—is new. “It’s difficult for me because I have to be my own critic,” Zahm explained. His collections of photography are potential to be artistic and fashionable. Olivier Zahm also claimed that his pictures are not constructed; they are very unique fashion images. He proudly said that his images are more of a moment with a model with him. He wanted to make photography like he is not shooting a model but he want it to be more personal, intimate and a moment of abstraction.

Oliver Zahm has its own way in making his photography unique, intimate and interesting. The secret is on how he makes a surprise to his audience on his photography.