By: Katelyn Criner

Paris Fashion Week recently wrapped up after debuting the Spring/Summer Menswear 2022 fashion shows. Let’s take a look into the top trends that emerged throughout the week.

Pink was featured all over the runway and the streets. Louis Vuitton featured this head-to-toe hot pink fit layered with a fluffy, pink coat with an accent of various colors.

Hèrmes, as seen above, featured their models wearing blush pink.

Scarves as an accessory are officially back! Several scarves were seen across designer collections, as seen in the Spencer Phipps show. Many scarves were also worn as headwear in the streets of the French capital.

Mismatched outfits are definitely an upcoming trend when it comes to streetwear fashion. Clothing items that somehow don’t “go together” now do.

What trend are you most excited to try out?