All the people who are interested in fashion, dream, at least once in their lives, to have the chance to go to a fashion school.
But the reason a great percentage of them stays to the dreaming part is simple.
The extremely high cost. It is well known that fashion schools have fees that make it impossible to most students who want to go there. It didn’t use to be this high, but right now, an undergraduate student who comes from a family with average income, needs more than a part-time job to cope. And sometimes even that is not enough. No wonder we see so many trying to make it on their own.
Another thing that makes it even harder is the lack of good fashion schools in most countries.
Imagine the money an 18 year old needs if, together with the fees, they also need to pay for their entire life in a foreign country. The lucky ones get scholarships and financial aids, but there are still many more, talented enough, who have to struggle every single day to make their dream come true. And even then, nobody can guarantee that they will!
There have been some efforts made, to increase the number of students and make it easier for them, by taking the courses online. But, even if the technology is capable to reduce the cost to the minimum and bring the students closer to the actual program, will that be close enough? How will they be able to work via the internet in an industry where using your hands and seeing the result in person is key? Won’t they miss the chance to learn from the very best? I
t’s truly sad that so many young and talented people need to face so many problems these days.
Is money the thing that matters the most, in a field that traditionally values talent and creativity?