Meet The King of Kicks: Scotty Spina

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Meet The King of Kicks: Scotty Spina. This high schooler turned sneaker mogul has gained an impressive amount of notoriety and has grown a hugely profitable business, all from buying and selling sneakers. He attracted the attention of celebrities and now has partnered with superstar rapper Fat [...]

Tiffany McCall – Paris Fashion Week’s Rising Star

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Being a fashion show producer is a really difficult job. It requires flexibility, long hours, attention to detail and of course, style. Tiffany McCall is an American born and British Educated Fashion Designer who is making waves in Paris for her contributions to the fashion [...]

Art Hearts Fashion Brings The Heat To Swimwear Fashion Week

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Photo of Mr. Triple X Swimwear   Planet Fashion TV, produced by Celia Evans and Art Hearts Fashion collaborated on a sexy afternoon soiree featuring international designers. The International Designers Showcase took place on a balmy Saturday afternoon during SWIMMIAMI at the W Hotel - Lycra [...]

Swimwear Fashion Week Opening Night

By |August 31st, 2016|Categories: PFTV ARTICLES|   Planet Fashion TV executive produced by Celia Evans, teamed up with SBI and LDJ to put on the opening night of SWIMMIAMI the official title of Miami's International Swimwear Fashion Week. The opening night Kick-off was a private event for a stylish crow of [...]

Yao Chen: Is She The Most Influential Woman In The World

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Ok you've probably never heard of this woman. Actually none of us in the office had heard of her until last week, but in China Yao Chen is a massive online star. She has 71 million followers on weibo. Weibo is China's version of twitter. 71 million people is [...]

Planet Fashion and Art Hearts Fashion Team Up

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Planet Fashion TV and Art Hearts Fashion will unveil a who's who of international swimwear designers Saturday July 16th at SWIMMIAMI, for the 2016 Swimwear Fashion Week in Miami. The international designers event is meant to provide a discourse on what's happening in global fashion in [...]

Ruckus Releases New Summer Collection

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RUCKUS, the alternative lifestyle brand from Denver has released a new summer collection which they've entitled  Insult to Space. The line includes 40 urban inspired pieces including tee’s, jackets, and shorts for men and women. The edgy brand known for their unique millennial aesthetic was inspired by a [...]

alice + olivia partners with Basquiat Estate

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alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet has announced that the late Neo-expressionist artist and frequent Andy Warhol collaborator Jean-Michel Basquiat has been selected, through the Basquiat Estate, as the partner for the second capsule collection that will help support the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s [...]

Top 10 Hottest Instagram Pages

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Top 10 Hottest Instagram Pages Can you remember a time before Throwback Thursdays, hashtags and Valencia filters? Neither can we. It's surprising then that, in October this year, the world's most popular photo-sharing website turns a mere six years old. Instagram was first released in [...]

Les Diamants Bleus VIP Makeup Cannes Film Festival

By |May 25th, 2016|Categories: PFTV ARTICLES|   Diamants Bleus was the cosmetic gift given in top celebrity gift bags at Cannes Film Festival. The makeup line reaches a new realm of luxury for elite buyer. The brand was launched this past year. It's a breakthrough mineral makeup concept comprised of gemstones like amber, [...]

A Rendez-vous with Hermes

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For ten days luxury craftsmen from Hermes will demonstrate their skills at De Hollandsche Manage in Amsterdam at the Hermes Festival des Métiers. Inside these stables you will be able to view how Hermes most famous Kelly bag is made, their silk scarves, screen prints that are transferred onto their porcelain dishware, the intricacies of watch making, and [...]

Paris Fashion Week Review

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Image from Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter Paris 2016 An Ode to Paris at Fall 2016 Paris Fashion Week   Trust the French to take the traditional as we know it and turn it into something totally different and ultra-glamorous. The Fall 2016 showing at Paris [...]

London Fashion Week Review

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Image from Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 show Past Meets Present at London Fashion Week Fall 2016   A city with a global identity completely unique to itself, London once again came alive during Fashion Week with Fall 2016 bringing designs that embraced part British nostalgia, [...]

New York Fashion Week Review

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Fall 2016's Rebels at New York Fashion Week   From Kendall and Gigi's backstage snapchats to Lady Gaga's surprise runway debut at Marc Jacobs, New York Fashion Week had social media buzzing. Victorian Goth, sportswear punk, velvet bohemian and raspberry hues... Fall 2016 had it [...]

PFTV Features Elochee at Milan Fashion Week

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PFTV Features Elochee at Milan Fashion Week We had a blast at Milan Fashion Week. Our annual Planet Fashion TV Event was a huge success! We had a super chic crowd and definitely one of the best parties of the week. We featured a trending [...]

Grace Coddington Iconcic Vogue Fashion Editor Steps Down

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If you saw the documentary September Issue, which if you're a true fashion lover you did, you know that Grace Coddington has been the kinder, gentler persona at Vogue. On the one hand there sat Vogue editor at large Anna Wintour who was portrayed as [...]

Planet Fashion TV and Spectrum Wow At Art Basel

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Planet Fashion TV and Spectrum Wow At Art Basel  Wednesday December 2nd Planet Fashion TV presented an opening night gala for Art Basel Miami in partnership with Spectrum Art Fair. With a fashion show and celebrity musical performances, the event sponsored by LaCroix sparkling water proved to be a [...]