As we all know Pharrell is one HAPPY dude. The 41-year old Artist, is into his upbeat smiling and grooving music. His latest single “Come Get It Bae,” is one of those none the less, and has just released a Music Video to go along with it. The video features different women dancing and fooling around as if it were an audition of some sort. No major Set or glamourous message. Towards the 3rd of the video, Miley Cyrus pops out in her latest style yet, Daisy Dukes, Cropped top, XL Sweater and rainbow colored hair accessories! She as well joins in on the silly moves with Pharrell in a separate scene, with her most valued accessory yet, her tongue out side of her mouth, she can’t seem to keep it in!


There was an unnecessary artistic touch in this Video. Having Miley Cyrus featured didn’t make it that much more interesting. In fact, it kind of took away from the other ladies of the video, that actually had classy SPUNK! Perhaps Miley, this wasn’t a needed cameo for you sweetheart, I think you should give your little sister her clothes back, and one of your guy friends might be missing a sweater.

What do you think? Was it necessary for Pharrell to bring Miley in, should Miley try out a new style?


Watch the Video and Comment below!