Prada has launched a new collection of NFTs in conjunction with the upcoming holiday season. The high-end luxury fashion house has announced that its Timecapsule NFT line will return for the holiday season. On December 1 at 3 p.m. CET, it will release an exclusive NFT drop featuring physical Prada clothing.

Prada has been identified with avant-garde fashion since 1913. Its intellectual cosmos blends concept, structure, and image with codes that transcend prevailing patterns. Its fashion transcends items, turning conceptuality into a universe that has set a standard for individuals who dare to defy traditions by emphasizing experimentation.

This upcoming launch marks the seventh Timecapsule NFT collection for the brand, which debuted in December 2019. During this monthly event, shoppers can purchase limited-edition products accessible for only 24 hours.

In the Timecapsule collection, the most recent NFT drop is number 36. The predominant colors will be red and white, with black stripes on the cuffs and bottom with the idea to reimagine the traditional holiday sweater.
The collection is comprised of 50 NFTs that are accompanied by festive sweaters without regard to gender. The white and red clothes are woven using a Norwegian jacquard stitch using Merino wool. It also contains an embroidered brand logo and the word “December” on the back.

Each limited edition Timecapsule product has a unique serial number and is delivered in specialized packaging. Customers that purchase a Timecapsule will be able to redeem the corresponding NFT. The high-end fashion house maintains consistency and harmony between the uniqueness of the entity’s Timecapsule and the rarity of the accompanying NFTs using this method.

Each NFT contains the serial number of the drop and the serial number of the accompanying physical item, establishing a direct connection between the physical and virtual goods.

NFT holders can partake in exclusive perks and experiences and receive priority access to future drops. The Timecapsule non-fungible tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a user-friendly experience.

The Aura Blockchain Consortium will supply the underlying technology and solutions for NFTs.