Shakespeare Tshirt
Shakespearean t-shirts, created by the prominent Russian fashion designer Tatyana Parfionova were a hit at the Associations 2014 Anglomania
 Art & Fashion Show. Every year, a number of designers create haute couture collections specifically for the project and show their work at various venues in Catherine’s Park, taking inspiration in the variety of collections and archives of the Tsarskoye Selo museum estate. This year’s edition of the prestigious fashion festival was titled “Anglomania” It is a reverence to the ongoing U.K.-Russia Year of Culture. Different works of William Shakespeare inspired the fashion show.

Along with Tatyana Parfionova, participating designers included Yelena Badmayeva, Lilia Kisselenko, Stas Lopatkin, and Ianis Chamalidy.
Every model had a t-shirt with unique print that was made as a collective image of each character: Romeo and Juliet, Othello and Desdemona, Hamlet and Ophelia, Adonis and Venus, Sebastian and Viola, Petruccio and Katarina, Oberon and Titania, Demetrius and Helena, Lysander and Hermia, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and The Queen Elizabeth I.
The t-shirts have prints-collages on the front side and quotes of the characters printed as bar codes on the back.

The other collections were exciting and imaginative, showing the St. Petersburg designers at their most inspired. The punkish chic of Parfionova’s Shakespearean t-shirts became an instant hit with the crowd, while Ianis Chamalidy’s wedding collection celebrated romanticism and the idea of self-sacrifice for the sake of love.
“What we get are much more than fashion shows: these are miniature performances, very theatrical, imaginative, exciting. The designers seek inspiration in the artworks from the vast collections of Tsarskoye Selo, in the architecture and the interiors of our palaces, the landscape of our parks and gardens, in the very atmosphere of our suburban estate.” Says Olga Taratynova, the director of the Tsarskoye Selo museum estate.

The creative effort put into composing this event showcases the talent and passion for art and theater combined, in different parts of the world. When original designs, artistic production and Shakespearean theatrics all come together it makes for a classic, unforgettable annual festival.

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