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by Kelly A. Jack

In a bold power move last week, ABC network ordered another pilot from writer/executive producer mogul Shonda Rhimes. Vying to solidify TGIT (Thank God its Thursday) with its current lineup of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, the network has set itself up for Nielson ratings’ gold. That would not be possible without the genius of Shonda Rhimes. With her boundless (at times twisted) imagination and her gifted interpretation of real life and people, Rhimes is ruling the airwaves like a 6’0 statuesque model ruling the runway.

Indeed it is great entertainment. But underneath the folly and fantasy of Pope & Associates or Seattle Grace Hospital, is the push to change the landscape of women’s roles in Hollywood. Working to the break the mold of typecasting and proving powerful women can be casted in lead roles, Rhimes has quietly established herself as the formula in creating a successful show. Thus opening the door for more diverse shows on the network that speaks to a more diverse viewing audience. A larger viewing audience will arguably bring more prominent advertisers to the network providing ABC a much needed push to surpass CBS and NBC.

The new pilot, titled The Catch, will follow a female forensic accountant whose specialty is exposing fraud and is Rhimes’ fifth show for the network. The show is set to debut for the 2015-2016 season.

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