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For a while now, we’ve all heard that too much sun was a bad thing.

It could cause wrinkles and cancer. But what about vitamin D? We need it
and it comes from the sun. Research, published in 2008 in the journal
Archives of Internal Medicine, shows that those with the lowest vitamin
D levels more than double their risk of dying from heart disease, stroke
and other causes, compared with those with the highest vitamin D levels.
The researchers cite “decreased outdoor activity” as one reason that
people may become deficient in vitamin D.

Another recent study found an increased risk of heart attacks in men
with low vitamin D levels, but that didn’t hold true for women.
Getting enough rays, however, may help women prevent breast cancer.
Canadian researchers compared 3,101 breast cancer victims with 3,471
healthy women without tumors.
They found that women who had at least 21 hours a week exposure to the
sun’s UV rays in their teens were 29 percent less likely to get cancer
than those getting under an hour a day.
Among women who spent the most time outside in their 40s and 50s, the
risk fell by 26 per cent and for those above 60, sunshine halved their
chances of getting cancer. The study was published in the American
Journal of Epidemiology.

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