A message from the CEO of Planet Fashion TV

I have always had a connection with trees, the ocean, flowers and animals. The Earth gives me hope, joy and inspiration. That seems like an obvious thing to say because in reality everyone on earth benefits positively from the vibrancy and beauty of the Earth. As an owner of a fashion lifestyle and media company I have felt a particular responsibility towards focusing on ethical and sustainable practices, afterall the fashion industry is a notorious polluter.

Throughout the years Planet Fashion has made sustainability a core part of our corporate DNA. We have tirelessly supported sustainable brands, underwriting marketing and promotion for many. We launched Sustainable New York Fashion Week in 2019, with speakers from the United Nations. We featured upcycled fashion shows, and displays of advanced textiles like mushroom leather as well as cutting edge accessories like 3D printed sneakers made from recycled plastics.

We created a Sustainable product Marketplace, and brought emerging Ethical and Sustainable brands to Milan Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, San Francisco Fashion Week Monaco Swim Week, and LA Fashion Week throughout the years.

We have produced and licensed short form content about international sustainable brands and the activists and craftsmen around the world whose life mission is to act with a sense of purpose and conscience towards the Earth.

In 2023 we launched a Sustainable Conference with the City of Miami that featured more than fashion. We spotlighted Eco Tourism, Sustainable Investment Funds, Green Hydrogen and Developments in Sustainable Energy, Ocean Clean Up and Ocean Reef Restoration projects, Sustainable beauty product manufacturers and social impact film production companies.

Ultimately our goal is to help create a system which minimises human impact on the environment and amplifies social responsibility. Planet Fashion is supporting sustainability not as a niche movement but as a viable means for all

industrialization, including fashion. It is just the better choice for all, because at the core it’s about making choices that sustain the earth and human life.

Want to learn more about our sustainability effort? Give us a call at 1-786-529-PFTV(7388) of click the contact us button below.