By Ashanty Rivera

This year’s F/W fashion shows thus far have been absolutely giving, and have proven just why
Fall and Winter are the best seasons for fashion and many other things! So here are some of my
personal favorite looks from the show, which was Glenn Martens first for the brand! This first
look was my number one favorite look because of the iconic motorcycle jacket, and the D logoed
micro mini!

This grey cyber-esque suit look was also to die for. It is super laid back but still very chic.

I actually am super obsessed with this look- and this color. Chartreuse was the color for the last
A/W season, and I definitely believe it will continue to be big!

While these are three separate looks, I put them in the same boat since they are all pretty similarand
insanely good. What other brands actually make the models match the color of the looks?
Diesel- that’s who!

I saved this look for last because it is probably questionable for some- but totally wearable for
me! Chic athletic wear is on-trend for this S/S season and I do not think we will be seeing any
less of it for the A/W season, as shown in this look!
The rest of the Milan Fashion Week shows are this week, and I am just itching to see all of the
other collections that will excite me as this one did. It is safe to say, I will be shopping Diesel
when this entire collection drops!