It makes sense that with Ellen DeGeneres announcing she’s ending her popular daytime show, she’s choosing to talk about it with Oprah Winfrey.

After all, Winfrey remains the person to talk to when there is big news. The two trailblazing women, who built media empires around their talk shows, are also good friends. DeGeneres has looked to Winfrey both personally and professionally, telling THR’s Lacey Rose, who broke the story of DeGeneres’ plan to end her show in 2022, that while she hadn’t asked Winfrey’s advice on the move “we’ve talked about how hard this is.”
“But look at [Winfrey]. She stopped and she didn’t have to do anything again, and she’s done a tremendous amount since then,” DeGeneres told THR. “So, I don’t look at this as the end at all. It’s the start of a new chapter, and hopefully, my fans will go with me wherever I go.” Ellen said to which she added that she had planed to end the show after 19 seasons as that is her number.