We all know how difficult it is to find luggage that really has style. Planet Fashion TV has found the coolest collection of luggage, bags and totes! They are produces by ATM luggage and it officially makes our selection of trending accessories this year.

ATM Luggage Happy Face


It’s a brand based out of Florida that has been quietly making the most adorable, colorful and original bags you’ve ever seen.

Their designs are a mix of French impressionism, Caribbean color blasts and animation.


The playful nature of the bag’s style lends them to easily be used for children. But every adult we know that has seen them, want’s it.



Speaking of which we were so in love with them, that we’ve featured them at Planet Fashion TV Miami Swimwear Fashion Week events two years in a row, and they were huge hits.


What sets them apart the most is that they have a positive message. Every bag has a little transcendental quote like “We are like flowers each one of a kind” or “I am part of a whole everything belongs to me and everything is forever”. They’re amazing.


The concept as per the company, is “to remind people why they travel, to be outside the everyday and smell the proverbial rose, and bring color back into someone’s life in a black luggage kind of world!”


Check out more of them on their site at:

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Awesome Planet Fashion Team Stuffing ATM Tote Gift Bags






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Huge Crowd at Planet Fashion TV Opening night party for Swimweek


Fashionistas With ATM Giftbag Totes




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Lacoste Resort Wear at Planet Fashion TV SwimMweek Opening


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Julio Iglesias Jr performing at Planet Fashion TV SwimWeek Opening

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