Anyone who knows anything about Planet Fashion TV knows that we love Victoria Beckham’s collections. We have since she started. She literally came on the scene with so much discretion and taste that she could not be denied. She has just released images of her Resort 2016 collection and she appears to be letting an avant-garde flair evolve into the line. She says that she approached this collection not as a season with a major theme, but one that speaks to the wardrobe needs of her customers. “I really feel like I understand my customer. I understand what she wants and what she needs out of her wardrobe,” Beckham said. “It’s been great having the store at Dover Street to really get to know her more and more, so now feels like the right time to do this.”


What the customer wants is a balance between statement pieces, sexy clothes and fashion. In this collection Beckham shows her interest in artsy flourishes of cut, specifically asymmetric draping and folds.

Victoria Beckham Resort 2016

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