By Alexandra Lekas

Victoria’s Secret has been making a lot of business transitions recently, from ditching its famous
Angels concept in 2019, to promising more inclusive pieces and models. Now, on their
continued mission to be “the world’s largest and greatest advocate for girls,” the lingerie
company has revealed their plans on Monday to donate $7 million to numerous female-founded
companies. The seven figure donation is with a purpose to help them gain capital and growth
Venture capital firm Amplifyher Ventures will select the female entrepreneurs. They hope to
create opportunities for women investors, business owners, and leadership teams.
“As a company whose associate base is nearly 90 percent women, ensuring that women are
represented and supported in their careers is extremely important to us,” said Martin Waters,
CEO of Victoria’s Secret & Co. “We’re proud to make this investment in women with Amplifyher
Ventures and help address the critical gender funding gap. With Amplifyher, we are
championing women entrepreneurs who are already leading the way and also supporting them
in paving the way for the next generation of women founders.”
“We admire how Victoria’s Secret is fostering community to become a leading advocate for
women,” says Meghan Cross, Partner at Amplifyher Ventures. “At Amplifyher, we work closely
with our portfolio of under-represented founders who have a unique ability to deliver outsized
returns through network-driven flywheel effects of growth. We sincerely look forward to Victoria’s
Secret playing a role in our community.”

In addition to their investments in female-founded businesses, Victoria’s Secret also addressed
the gender gap on its own platform by making a promise to partner with more women-founded
and women-led intimates and swimwear brands. They currently work with brands such as For
Love and Lemons, BlueBella, Frankies Bikinis, Mindd, and swimwear brand Bfyne, among
others, which are available at Victoria’s Secret’s e-commerce and in select stores.
Victoria’s Secret has committed to curating a women-powered environment within their brand
and getting rid of what was once deemed a toxic and selective culture by many.