Drake vs Lil Wayne


Have you heard there’s this new beef between Lil Wayne and the Champagne Papi!

Well it’s said that they are battling for who is the best in the game. Which is a little ironic don’t you think? I mean, it’s known that when a student has learned all that it can from its superior, the student then tends to take over… Is that perhaps what has happened here? What if you had the choice to say who is the best between these two?

Wayne and Mr. Graham are going on Tour together this summer beginning on August 25th in Boston. It gets better than that, and this is how… You the FAN get to choose who opens up the show in each City! YES! There is an app called “DRAKE vs Lil WAYNE” that you may download on to your mobile device and vote for who you love best. Depending on what Artist gets most amped up through this app, then he will be opening up the show for you.

You have the chance to be the judge in the game, USE IT!