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Lahana Swimwear Makes Its Miami Swim Week Debut

Planet Fashion is excited to announce that the Australian label Lahana will be making it's debut at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week better known as Swim Week, this July 14th at the Planet Fashion Runway Shows. Lahana is more than a swimwear brand - its a gorgeous reflection of a lifestyle for fierce babes who want [...]


We are pleased to announce that the German international luxury swimwear brand Lascana, will have their American debut feature runway show with Planet Fashion this summer July 14th 2018 at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week, better known as Swim Week. Lascana, has a corporate motto; It’s A Woman’s World, it shows their support of [...]

Who will win the Drake VS Lil Wayne Battle?!

  Have you heard there’s this new beef between Lil Wayne and the Champagne Papi! Well it’s said that they are battling for who is the best in the game. Which is a little ironic don’t you think? I mean, it’s known that when a student has learned all that it can from its superior, [...]