Eden Park, the Parisian fashion brand inspired by Rugby has unveiled its Spring – Summer 2021 collection, highlighted by vibrant color combinations and an optimistic campaign.

This collection feels classic and yet fresh. The spring/summer 2021 collection re-imagines highly popular pieces from the brand’s very beginnings. The goal now is to win over a new generation.

The collection comes in three essential and emblematic lines: Sport, Hexa and Club, all founded on the common cornerstone of French Flair. Several different influences are apparent: traditional elements referencing the world of sport, alongside a more modern, urban inspiration from the street.

The campaign for the spring collection was shot in the South of France. The natural and wild landscapes of Cassis, Les Salins de Giraud, or the luxury Hotel Les Roches Blanches, allowed the brand to portray their changing culture, core DNA, and French Flair.