By: Katelyn Criner

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start developing your fall wardrobe. While gathering the right clothes is important, it’s necessary to cultivate what shoes you will be wearing as your autumn accessory as well. Below, we’ll give you the top four shoe trends that will be popular this fall and may be worth your investment.

  1. Oxfords

Originally depicted as an “ugly” shoe for fashion looks, Oxfords have made their way to being a top trend in women’s fashion. Making an appearance last fall, these elegant/preppy-style shoes will be back on the streets this fall.

Above is the Dr. Martens ‘1461 Women’s Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes’ which retail for $120. ( 4QUoww126E5ZKoWYc_mvjZ8UcoLK13JLQySv99T39BbmxoCJ5cQAvD_BwE)

  1. Cowboy Boots

Yeehaw! Western style cowboy boots are the new shoes to look out for this fall. Shiny, bedazzled, colorful, or typical brown and black boots—you can’t go wrong. Grabbing a pair of cowboy boots for your wardrobe is not only fun, but trendy for this upcoming season. A pair of these can be found either online, or possibly in your local thrift store.

A pair ‘On The Road Patchwork Cowboy Boots’ from Dolls Kill are featured above and retail for $125. (

  1. Retro Sneakers

We all lived through the hot trend of retro sneakers, and saw Adidas Superstars on practically every corner turned. Well, they are back! Retro sneakers are back with a bit of twist. Many sneakers have made some adjustments, including size, color change, and new styles.

After a year hiatus from the spotlight, Adidas Superstars are back—and this time they’re super stuffed! Designed by Kerwin Frost, these newly designed sneakers will be a part of the retro sneaker trend. These have yet to be released by Adidas.

  1. Clogs

Clogs? You read that right. Clogs have made their way back to the fashion scene. Platform or high-heeled clogs are making their way to the streets this fall.

Above are the leather ‘Harley Studded Clogs’ sold at Free People. You can check them out here:

( CjwKCAjw3_KIBhA2EiwAaAAlile9OYDizn1DBrJ_dbjnBu7F8EElZKSTe2FPS6SgfvktPIzE3VU_g BoCXMUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&inventoryCountry=US&size=US%207%20%2F%20EU%20 38&utm_kxconfid=vx6ro62gj&type=REGULAR&quantity=1)

What shoe trend are you most excited to wear?