snapfashion app
“There’s an app, there’s an app, there an app for that!” remember the song?
Well, nowadays there is an app for that: that being kite-surfing, hair coloring, yoga, birth, giraffes and so on.

What often happens though is these things are fun for five minutes, if you are lucky.

Well, I took a look at the fashion industry and came up with the 5 applications any fashionista and blogger and girl should get familiar with, because they are useful, full of amazing content and can really help you improve your style and your closet.

1. Fashion Kaleidoskope
If you love Shazam you will never be able to live without this. Because that’s Shazam for fashion!
Next time you are having a nice brunch somewhere, instead of staring for 10 minutes at hte blonde girl wearing that incredibly cool blue sweater you can…take a quick shot of it and use Fashion Kaleidoscope whiwh helps you track the item, along with tons of similar ones and shop it.It also has inspiring images from street style, bloggers, celebrities and runway looks. You can browse, save, compare prices and shops.

2. Trendshop Trendtracker
This is a must-have app if you think you are creative (and if you really are of course).It allows you to discover the latest fashion trends, trend reports, runway galleries to keep up to date with exciting stuff.
You can browse news, up-and-coming designers,  art, see what’s new in womenswear clothing, accessories, shoes, vintage….

 3. Walk in my closet
Walk In My Closet combines both shopping and organization. It’s an international fashion app that allows you to catalogue your closet and share your looks. You can take pictures with your phone, retouch and uploaditems with a click. Of course you can also browse and save items from influencers, bloggers and friends. Coming soon is a feature that also allows you to shop pre-owned luxe fashion items!

4. Go try it on
If you’re looking for comments on your look, it’s time for Go Try it On.
Users upload pictures of themselves, with Instagram-like filters, and others vote whether to “wear it” or “change it.” It’s up to you to decide weather the look should be public or shared with friends only and you can also decide to share more around the purpose of the outfit: cocktail, wedding, engagement party, fashion show… So that people voting have a better context. The app has partnered with several big and cool brands: Sephora and Net-a-Porter among them.

5. Snapette
Snapette is designed to connect iPhone and Android owners with fashion merchandise in nearby stores, it allows you to find designer fashion, shoes, handbags and accessories. The company has partnered with more than 700 brands and retailers — both large and well known and niche designers.Together, they serve users an Instagram-like feed of new products as they arrive in stores, allowing real-time shopping for selected items. InStyle said: Introducing Snapette: part Instagram, part Pinterest, all awesome!”