By: Katelyn Criner

Although it is still summer, this year is flying by. Soon to be August and then September, fall is right around the corner. We want you to be prepared! Here are five wardrobe essentials that you can start scouting for so you are ready to dress this fall.

  1. Vests

Sweater vests certainly have made a statement within this past year. This fall, they are back with a bit of a twist. This fall, get ready to layer your vests with sweaters, and long sleeves underneath. Your vests should be knit!

  1. Colorful leather

Here’s a trend we haven’t seen in awhile: colorful leather. Most of us have a pair of leather pants or a go-to leather jacket. This fall will be your opportunity to add a splash of color to your leather collection.

3. Leopard print

Leopard print is a trend that is consistently going to come and go. No matter what, leopard print will come back! Pull out your leopard print from the back of your closet or go get yourself some leopard print for this upcoming fall. This is a trend worth your investment!

  1. All things puffer

Puffer jacket, puffer vest, puffer pants—you name it. Anything puffer is in style this fall. 5. Suit or blazer coat

Perhaps you have a few of these hanging up in your closet from last season. Blazers and suit coats are coming back for fall! These are perfect for either a light jacket or layering. Thrifting is a great way to stay sustainable and to acquire one of these jackets for yourself.

Although we are loving summer, we are already getting excited for our upcoming fall wardrobes. What are you most excited to wear this fall?