By Cordejha Lewis

The ANNAKIKI NFT collection debuted at the Milan Fashion Week. The Independent fashion
label is known for exploring a surrealist fantasy as well as breaking many records for its
innovative designs. The collection saw the material presence of its physical lineup as well as the
brand’s theme of “bold futuristic designs.” The virtual designs were encoded into a series of
NFTs titled “Metacosmos.” Anna Young, Creative director and Founder of ANNAKIKI,
described the NFTs as a unique identification label for the emerging humanity of another parallel
dimension. Founded in 2013 by Anna Yang, ANNAKIKI is a Chinese designer label. The brand
breaks down technologys coldness and embraces a bold and futuristic design language. With
heavy influence of surrealist fantasy, the brand features “two sides of me” by Yang that dares to
be different (Which it totally is by the way). The unique designs from the mind of Anna Yang,
brings a fresh take to the verse and has done so by breaking boundaries and honestly setting the
tone. Since its formation, the brand has continued to implement fresh ideas in the fashion sphere.

Since 2017, ANNAKIKI has become one of the very few brands to be added to the Milan
Fashion Week Calendar, where it has released a collection every season since. The Independent
Fashion brand didn’t stop there. In 2019, ANNAKIKIS founder Anna Yang, used Huawei
smartphones to design her then capsule collection. The collection was groundbreaking at the
time, as it is one of the few instances in which designers have had the help of AI (artificial
intelligence) to craft the designs. Huawei X ANNAKIKI was the world’s first collection designed
using a smartphone AI, that expressed a strong personality, vitality, femininity, self confidence
and determination. The ANNAKIKI NFT collection’s multidimensional showcase really
highlights why the move to the metaverse is clearly one to make. ANNAKIKI has proven yet
again that they are spearheading the fashion world.