To present his latest collection, Antonio Marras focused once more on the Italian landscape.  Not only drawing his inspiration from Sardinia, but also focusing the spotlight on Barumini. It is an incredible place the whole world should know. Marras brought his virtual fashion show to the  majestic, prehistoric, area in Sardinia. Sardinia is unique and ancient like Easter Island or Machu Picchu. This collection and fashion show are a love letter to the SArdinian village of Barumini.

Marras created a short movie with an almost entirely Sardinian cast and crew. His purpose was to prove that Sardinia and events presented there can compete with the great shows in Milan, Paris and New York.

The collection looks like clothing for the countryside, his reference to the landscape is evident.

The complex at Barumini is one of the 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found in Italy. According to UNESCO, this extremely valuable and important archaeological site is exemplary for being the most complete and best-preserved of the remains left by the Nuragic Civilization; at the same time, it also demonstrates the intelligent use of innovative materials and techniques by a prehistoric community.

The Village of Barumini had societies that lasted for over a thousand years from the Bronze Age until the Third Century A.D.

For all these reasons Barumini is the best representation of Sardinia’s great stone monuments: a suggestive and mysterious place to visit.