25 years

You’ve probably never thought that a packet of chips would be the kind of thing that women all over the world are dreaming of. The famous British accessories designer Anya Hindmarch begs to differ. From her very first bag up until today, with her creativeness and passion, she has managed to make thousands of people obsessing over her pieces. Combining the classic esthetic of England with contemporary ideas, you can’t say that her collections are just something ordinary. People usually don’t expect that many innovations from one designer. Again, she is here to prove them wrong. From the famous “I am not a plastic bag”, to “Bespoke”, to having the Rooster from Corn Flakes on her bags, she just never seems to stop. This is probably the reason why she has won an MBA for her services and she obtains some very important positions in the fashion industry. Could we add that she is just so sweet? Even though she is so successful, she tries to achieve a more personal contact with the clients, even if this means that she has to place the craftsman inside the store. She is definitely something special, having stores in nine countries around the globe and celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and even the Duchess of Cambridge being fans of her products. Will you be the next one to fall for her pieces?

Find out more about her amazing collections at her website http://www.anyahindmarch.com/