elle-frame-denim-spring-2014-rtw-18-de-xln What is the one thing that EVERYONE has worn at least once and is unisex and everyone loves it? Hmmm, if I had to make a guess…Jeans! From pants and jackets to purses and sneakers, there is something for everyone. They are comfortable, they go with everything, you can wear them all day long and they never go out of style. Sure, trends come and go, so now, denim has become again a massive trend. Everybody prefers a different version of it, so after a little research, here are the ten best denim trends right now!

  1. Tie Dye

Making a comeback from the 70’s and 80’s, the tie dye effect, is now a favorite of many celebrities. Mainly seen in pants, but also shirts and jackets. If you can’t afford a new pair, it is really easy to do it yourself. There are plenty DIYs showing you how.

  1. Overalls

Personal favorite! I absolutely love overalls. They add a certain something to any look, upgrading it from simple to interesting.

  1. Mini

Feel that bond with your 60’s self becoming stronger? Mini skirts and dresses are a must-have this season. Perfect to show your tan!

  1. Distressed and Patched

Not exactly what you would call your “regular denim”. If you are looking for something more unique, these bad things are for you. With a slightly rocker edge from another decade (I’m sensing a pattern here).

  1. Stripped

Stripes are a big trend right now. Combined with denim, I say go for it!

  1. Mom’s

You’ve probably seen these everywhere. If you have this hideous picture in your head, with your mom wearing them years ago, then you need to stop right there. We’re talking about the new and improved version inspired by the original design.

  1. Embellished

Everyone seems to prefer embellishments over prints lately and we most certainly love it!

  1. White

What better way is there to achieve the perfect total white look, than with the perfect pair of comfy white denim?

  1. Baby Blue

Pastels over neons, is the it-thing of this season. Why not try light baby blue denim that looks good with simply everything?

     10.Embroidered Jacket

It’s magical how just one piece of clothing can make you travel to Spain! Choose your favorite piece, and I’m sure you’ll beat that bull.
Tip: Since many of the above are making a comeback from past decades, I would suggest checking your local thrift shop for vintage and more affordable options!