We love Betsey Johnson for her amazing prints and  her signature “cartwheel on the runway” at the end of her fashion shows!
Since the ’60s, designer Betsey Johnson has been dressing women to stand out as the life of the party.
You can easily see her signature look (or influence) when you spot a stylish pairing of a leotard and skirt.

Johnson’s career began by chance in the late ‘60s after she entered and won a guest editorship at Mademoiselle magazine.
That put her smack-dab in the center of New York and its “youthquake” movement. From there, she began designing trendy clothes for Paraphernalia, and later opened her own boutique.

Today she’s a staple of New York Fashion Week, where she continues to conclude her runway show with a trademark somersault. At 71, BJ is still dazzling fashion critics and willing to stand on her head for applause—all the more reason to love her. 
The exclusive collaboration, entitled Betsey Johnson Vintage for Urban Outfitters ranges from $89 to $350. Johnson’s sultry silhouettes from the era, including slips and babydolls in assorted floral patterns, as well as one tulle-heavy party dress in bright pink, are all balanced with a grungy twist.
The contrasting styles fuse seamlessly and result in an on-trend capsule collection that’s sure to sell out quickly—click here to browse the designer’s reissued iconic looks now.