According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the amount of money that men spend on Botox treatments has risen 400% since 2000. In 2020 alone, it’s estimated that 265,000 men had Botox procedures. Interested in why so many men are receiving Botox tweakments?
We decided to do some digging.
It turns out that men who get Botox are typically 35 to 65 years old; they’re most often professionals in the business, law, fashion or art world with higher incomes; and they’re primarily getting it injected into their brows and around their eyes around three to four times a year. The men are of every race though. It is equally Asian, White and Black. There is no demographic, it’s crossing every racial, every sexual, every social demographic. 
Male skin tends to be thicker and their forehead muscle is stronger, so higher doses of Botox tend to be needed. Also men naturally have flatter brows and if your injector does not assess the face properly a man could potentially end with more of a feminine look.
It seems the beauty industry seems to have reached a point of total saturation when it comes to making women feel insecure about their appearance, so has now turned its attention towards making men feel so suffocated by constant unobtainable images that they’re forced to spend money in a doomed attempt to be perfect.