The Brunello Cucinelli menswear team brought fire with their latest collection of suits. Certainly, when your suits are this fine, there isn’t much reason to change. There were double-breasted suits in navy silk/linen or taupe, made in fabrics for warmer weather.

If you are a suit-wearer, Cucinelli should be a pinacle for you. And even for those who are suit-curious but not quite willing to commit, here there was a plethora of options including patch-pocketed deconstructed linen jackets worn over washed gray jeans, or three-button single-breasted jackets worn over washed combats. As Cucinelli himself observed in our very interesting post-tour chat: “There is this idea that we need to go back to feeling well-dressed after spending a year-and-a-half closed, getting dressed just from the waist up for Zoom.”